Buying at Swap Meets

Know what you want before you get there. If you are looking for specific parts, write down part numbers and specifics. Better to have it written down than to forget! 

Come early, be prepared and carry cash. Many of the best items go fast. Come early to snag them up before they are gone. Most venues have ATMs on site but be safe and have cash ready to purchase.

Be willing to negotiate. Vendors are used to haggling. Don’t offend by making ridiculous, lowball offers or you may end up leaving without an item you want. Know when to make the purchase and when to walk away.  Be courteous.

Make room for the trip home. Make sure your bike or whatever you are traveling in has the space to bring home your purchases. Few, if any, vendors offer delivery or pick up once the meet has ended.

Do more than scan the booths. Take your time and take a good hard look at all of the available merchandise. Sometimes a hidden gem might be right in front of you but you have to look closely. Look under tables, in boxes, and behind other objects. 

It never hurts to ask. Our vendors are very knowledgeable and often can help you when you are trying to find something. Vendors often know one another and if they don’t have what you are looking for in stock, their buddy might.

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